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Taffee Road Estate
Los Altos Hills

This ultra-contemporary project, the creation of an award-winning architect and a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, is an example of architectural design and engineering at the forefront of smart, sustainable living in the 21st century.


One of the many standout features of this estate will be the movie theater.  Acoustic Images has been brought on to analyze the acoustics in the room and provide a creative solution for the necessary treatments.

After meeting with the client we have decided to use his favorite movie posters as the fabric wraps for the side absorption panels, along with an overhead 'clouds' theme for the ceiling mounted panels and rear panel texture print to hit all the primary first reflection points in the theater.


The client has also opted for our image rotation service which is made possible by our signature installation technique.  All of our custom printed acoustic panels are designed in a way which allows for very easy swaps of the fabric when it's time for a new look.

Acoustic Images Home Theater Solutions
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