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Mazur Group | Recruiting Office
Santa Monica, CA

Mazur Group is a recruiting team where energized phone calls and meetings are a constant in the office. The company's founder was sent to us by referral and she couldn't have found a better fit for her office's needs than Acoustic Images. She knew very little about our products and service, yet trusted us to tackle the unwanted reverb that was fatiguing the team over the years. What she didn't initially know is that we would also be taking her brand guidelines and completely transform the visual aesthetic of the entire office and bring an entirely new life to their surroundings as well.

Our Process:

After our initial discussion we couldn't wait to show her some concepts.  As a remote client outside of our service area at the time, we asked for a photo of the office and a sketch with rough dimensions.  Here is what was received.

initial photo.jpg

We also asked for the brand guidelines so we could design withing the existing motif of the company.  From here we were able to create a seamless pattern and use their logo in the custom printed walls while utilizing the pantone colors of Mazur Group.

Immediately we sent a 3D rendering with dimensions for her to confirm the measurements.

3103 Neilson Way - Initial Dims.jpg

From here our design process begins by first determining the most effective placement and size of the sound absorption needed based on the positions of the employee work stations and the factors that come into play with a vaulted ceiling environment. 

Our Proposed Concept
Detail of Centerpiece and Pattern
Our Press in Action

A behind the scenes look at our dye sublimation process that enables us to bring ANY design to our clients acoustic treatments.

Final Installation

The final product blew the team away. Another satisfied and supercharged team that can't believe the difference that was made acoustically and visually to their office.

Build Progress Slideshow
Brand Guidline.jpg
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