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Acoustic Treatment Reimagined

"A picture is worth a thousands words but silence is golden."

-Acoustic Images

Professional soundproofing consultation, design, installation and innovation.  Now shipping our signature custom printed sound absorbing HALO PANELS globally.

Serving Los Angeles & The San Francisco Bay Area with our custom installations.

Are you live streaming, working, recording, living or hosting inside of an echo chamber?


Hang these Acoustic Images Halo Panels like any legit piece of art.  Shipped directly to your door and with every bit of the quality you can expect from A.I.

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Our Story

Acoustic Images was born from a deep passion for architecture, acoustics, music, photography, art, textiles, interior design and the power of truly transformative spaces for people to connect and create.


We specialize in custom printed sound absorption products, quadratic diffusion panels, consultation, and installation services to transform both the visual and acoustic experience of any space.  Currently expanding to Los Angeles from the San Franciso Bay Area.


Our signature products are hangable custom printed sound absorption panels or direct wall murals ideal for home theaters, offices, restaurants, venues, recording studios, schools, or any spaces where the acoustics are paramount to the experience.

Why Choose Us

Our company is built on the complete acoustic and aesthetic transformation of spaces.  We have redefined what sound absorption is in todays age.  To lead the way in this market we have sourced the highest rated acoustically permeable fabric in the industry.  With our own in-house dye sublimation fabric printers, designers, CAD/3D specialists, and installers we are able to analyze your space, take your artwork or our suggested design scheme and quickly produce results for the architect, contractor or end user. We also take great pride in using 100% pre-consumer recycled polyester fabrics and 60% post-consumer acoustic sound absorption cores.  

Contact Us

Now serving Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.  Contact us today to ask about our FREE on-site or remote consultations.


Phone: 415-717-0016



Treated Vs Untreated room demostration


Ask about our free on-site or remote consultations for custom installs.

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Los Angeles, CA


Tel: 415-717-0016

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