Mountain View | Home Theater
An abstract approach to this Silicon Valley home theaters acoustics.

We cherish the projects that truly push our creativity processes to higher levels. It's in these projects where we lean on our CAD, fabrication and installation backgrounds the most to provide the ultimate acoustic solutions for the most demanding of clients. This installation was unique in that our client wanted to see what we came up with before we even had the pleasure to meet him and his family to feel out there style. Challenge Accepted. Given the ultra modern and minimal design of this Silicon Valley home we were excited to hit the drawing board.


We presented the client with a few options but one in particular, stood so far outside the box that it was a bit of gamble even for our ambitious approach to design.


This concept was abstract in design and was able fully hide all the speakers surrounding the main listening positions while putting the moviegoers into a fully geometric mountain range of acoustic panels.


We nailed it and it was hard to tell who was more excited to start the install, the client or our team at Acoustic Images.


Here's the visual story of the install

Approved Concept:
Our blank canvas:
Acoustic Images Home Theater Solutions
Approved 95% acoustically transparent Guilford of Maine swatches for panels:
Using 3D projection mapping for layout and final adjustments:
Installation of acoustic sound absorption panels:
Cutouts for speakers, outlets and wireless charging iPad dock:
Thats a wrap!
Track installation complete: