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Corporate Office Acoustic Treatment - Aki Technical - San Francisco
When a client surprises you with only two weeks to pull off something you KNOW must happen for their soon arriving team in San Francisco, you accept the challenge.

There was nothing small about this job.  Towering ceilings, a very large open bullpen, recreation / break room, kitchen, hard surfaces in every conference room and mainly a giant echo chamber as a whole.  The biggest factor of all however was an entire team moving from NYC to start their first day in 2 weeks from our start date.  This meant, all heavy equipment out, job fully finished, cleaned and carpet tiles down before their arrival.  We assembled our Bay Area team of certified A.I. installers and got the work underway almost immediately.

Conceptual Renderings for Client Approval:

Directly after our initial walk through and consultation we worked with the architect to obtain the blueprints of the office.  Our team quickly extruded the blue prints to create a scale 3D model as our blank canvas.  We used the brand guideline to present the areas of acoustic treatment within the color and design motif.  Below are the initial renderings we provided to the client to accompany the proposal for the installation.

Installation Video:
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