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Acoustic Sound Absorbing Light Boxes - Amplify Partners - San Francisco
When Amplify Partners expanded to San Francisco they found the ultimate office with incredible character and history in the heart of SOMA.

The office was every bit of unique with all custom steel work, exposed concrete, glass interior walls throughout and incredible craftsmanship in all the furnishings and fixtures and hard woods.  With every incredible space we see like this they are almost ALWAYS borderline unusable when the team really starts ramping up.  We specialize in maintaining the beauty of spaces such as this while also tackling all the unwanted echo to ensure your days are spent with as much peace around you as possible.  This install was a perfect demonstration of how to do just the right amount of acoustic treatment while still preserving the essence of the architects original vision, or even highlighting their work even more. 

Before Treatment Reference Photos:
Conceptual Renderings for Client Approval:

Directly after our initial walk through the ideas were pouring in and we were granted total creative control.  We had to find the balance acoustically and not cover up more concrete then necessary.  Not only did we save the concrete but we brought it to life with LEDs behind the sound absorption.  Here were the initial renderings / VR walk through we sent the firm. 

Before Treatment Video:
After Treatment Video:
Pictures of Final Install:
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